Some of our most cherished memories are of family vacations. We want yours to be too!

In a time, when we are all so bogged down with busy schedules, social media, smart phones, sports, jobs and the like, we have to make an effort to change the environment, reconnect, and re-focus our energies.

There is no time like the present to travel with your family. We hear that old saying “life is short” way too often and now, it’s become YOLO (you only live once). So, why not plan a special family vacation and get away from it all?

Yearning to feel the sand between your toes?
Whether you’re looking for time to laze on the chaise and read a book, build sand castles with the kids, learn to surf or just enjoy some uninterrupted time together in the sun there are some incredible options available to you for your family vacation….a fabulous resort hotel, condominium, or an all-inclusive on the beach in Mexico or the Caribbean…the options are as limitless as the grains of sand.

How about a trip to Disney World?
There’s more than one reason Super Bowl winners look forward to going to Disneyland after the big game. The memory of seeing the look on your child’s face when he/she first sees The Magic Kingdom is unforgettably priceless.  And there is truly nothing more spectacular than a fireworks show at a Disney property. Even if Mickey isn’t your thing, there are so many great parks on the Disney property, a vast array of offerings for every age and every interest.  The best part?  We can arrange every detail before you leave. It will be a worry-free family vacation from start to finish. From the transportation to the hotel, to the park passes, and even dinner reservations, all you have to do is show up and start making memories!  Already made your family vacation memories at a Disney park?  How about trying out the  incredibly popular Disney Cruise line? Our clients rave about them and tell us there is something for everyone.

Can you really spend a week together and enjoy every minute?
When was the last time your family spent seven nights together? Think you might not survive? Think again! Some of the best memories my family has made have been on cruises. On our first cruise with the kids they were 1 and 3. Today, they are 19 and 21 and have been on 8 cruises over the years. It’s simply the best way to get quality time (no cell service) and great activities for every age. On a cruise you pack once but you get to visit so many places. Your family vacation can not only be relaxing but educational, learning about other cultures, lifestyles and environments. Education by day and exciting entertainment at night – all while doing activities you’ve never done and seeing places you may not have seen otherwise is why a family cruise vacation makes so many people’s list.

At An Extraordinary Traveler, we have a tremendous desire to ensure that families make lifelong memories. We work to provide fabulous family vacation experiences.  We’ll take into consideration the ages of your travelers, family dynamics, and destination preferences to make your family vacation dreams come true.

Contact us and we’ll get started creating your extraordinary experience.