Greece seems to be a Bucket List destination for many.

I often liken Greece to Bora Bora with its pristine beaches, fresh cuisine, and incredible water adventures. Thanks to travel posters most people think of Greece as inaccessible or only for the rich and famous. In actuality, it’s the perfect destination! And why travel 24 hours when you can get much of the same in half the time?

Couples, friends, families, and groups will enjoy the dichotomy of ancient cities with modern amenities Cities such as Athens offer both the Parthenon and amazing Mediterranean food. Looking for the famous Greek nightlife? Mykonos offers that party atmosphere along with incredible sea views and beach clubs. Crete, the largest island in Greece is now more popular than ever thanks to the Bachelorette! This breathtaking island offers diverse vistas from the majestic mountains to the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Of course, there’s the quintessential Greek poster city – Santorini. White cliffside buildings, white sand beaches and the thoughts of a donkey ride up the hill

Starting with the breathtaking views from your seaside hotel to the not-to-be-missed sunset cruises, Greece offers options for everyone!

Are you dreaming of Greece?   Share those dreams with me  and we can make those dreams a reality!

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