Exciting Opportunities


Looking to make your next travel experience extraordinary?

Check out some of the incredible destinations and special opportunities our clients have enjoyed.

In the last few months we have planned some extraordinary experiences, turning average vacationers into Extraordinary Travelers!
The sky is truly the limit when considering where you might go next.


Our clients have traveled to Paris and enjoyed the Moulin Rouge, London where they flew just to watch their beloved Dallas Cowboys play in a different country.
Some of our extraordinary travelers are planning to journey from France to Italy to explore culture and culinary delights while a family of extraordinary travelers will be
taking a month to travel throughout Europe with their children.


While still another group of extraordinary travelers have booked a breathtaking train trip through the Canadian Rockies to take in the scenery of the changing leaves.

Florida & Caribbean

This winter there were extraordinary travelers who enjoyed the beaches of Cancun and Grand Cayman, as well as the white sand beaches of the Florida panhandle.


We’ve got a group of 30 college students taking a cruise over Spring Break and another group who’ll be enjoying the Mediterranean and the Greek Isles.

A couple of extraordinary travelers cruised from Montreal up the St. Lawrence River and then down the Atlantic coast to New York City, enjoying both the changing
leaves and the excitement of Manhattan (including tickets to Broadway shows, beautiful hotels and delicious meals).

South America

Finally, we have worked with a father to create an extraordinary bonding experience when he takes his 2 sons to Argentina on a hunting trip as a graduation gift.

At An Extraordinary Traveler, we provide our clients with everything they need to take all the stress out of planning and traveling.

When you book a trip, whether it be a family vacation, romantic getaway, celebration, multi-generational family reunion, Girls Trip, Father and Son bonding experience or any other type of travel, we want it to be the best time possible. It is the belief of An Extraordinary Traveler, that a stress-free vacation is the greatest vacation and we want to eliminate the hassle.

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